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  • 8 layer and 8 mix for playback movies, images and input sources
  • Playback of uncompressed 4:4:4:4 Quicktime┬« HD movies and images
  • Full ProRes HD support – up to 6 layer
  • Support full RED camera output with 4.096 x 2.304 pixel
  • Real-time rendering, pre- and endcompositing, crossfades, transitions
  • Fx-builder for freely configureable and cascadable effects
  • Gamma correction, chroma keying, 3d-objects
  • Text generator
  • Multiple live video inputs up to HD 1080p
  • External and/or internal synchronisation
  • Pixelmapping for ArtNet LED installations
  • Keystone, edge blend, curve screen
  • Integrated media control system
  • Support e.g. ArtNet, Midi, MSC, MMC, MTC, SMPTE, OSC, RS 232, HTML,…